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Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way to a healthier, happier life.


Massage At Madrone

​At Madrone, our Massage Specialists offer a range of modalities. Each massage is customized to your needs. Any service can include: Swedish, Sport, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Structural, 

  • 15 Minute Hand Massage 45

  • 15 Minute Foot Massage 45

  • 15 Minute Scalp Massage 45

  • 30 Minute Express Massage 55

  • 60 Minute Full Body Massage (Most commonly asked for) 80

  • 90 Minute Full Body Massage 110

  • 2 Hour Full Body Massage (Great for chronic issues or a lot of tension) 190

  • 20 minute addon 35


Spa Treatment Stones

Hot Stones

The use of hot stones in your massage can be dated back almost 5,000 years ago in India!


Hot stone massages offer many benefits: relaxation, stress release, help with back pain, and improvements to depression or anxiety. This practice is widely known to help reduce muscle spasms.


Ideally, you should have a hot stone massage one to two times per week. People with chronic pain or intense physical activities should consider more sessions to alleviate their pain.

Add this service to any massage or facial service!




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Ethereal Chair Massage

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