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My Story

I’d like to start by giving a little insight into my background and character and explain how Madrone Beauty became my dream. Being in this industry has been a long-time goal of mine from a young age. I've always believed in the importance of self-respect and I think our self-image affects how we treat others and how we impact the world around us. So by doing my part and helping people achieve a healthy self-image, I hope to create positive change in them, in my community, and in the world.

My personal connection to the beauty industry came about because of my very ethnic, bodacious, curly hair. I have grown to be very happy with my hair, but that wasn’t always the case as it can be difficult to manage, and I wasn’t raised in a very diverse community. Growing up with these insecurities and then overcoming them was a long road, but it taught me many lessons. I can honestly say now that I am proud of my natural features, and I know firsthand the kind of impact self-image can have, both internally and externally. Thus, my mission statement was born:

“Nurturing your self-image has a personal and worldly impact. Our goal is to guide you on your journey of reflection and self-discovery, advise you on how to best take care of yourself in spirit and body, and help you see and exude your beauty from the inside out. We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and to do that involves more than applying products to our bodies. Our objective is to help you find balance in your beauty.”

Because of my connection to hair, I initially enrolled in a Cosmetology program for hair design at Glen Dow Academy in Washington State when I was 20 years old. Once I was in school, I felt disconnected from my values and goals. I did not feel that I was going to be able to make the kind of impact on my clients that I wanted to make, so I started doing more research. I discovered the world of skincare, and I was like a moth to a flame. It called to me, and I knew I was on the right path. I ended up leaving Glen Dow and enrolled in Paroba Beauty College’s esthetics program, also in Washington State. I graduated, received my license, and have been continuously learning ever since.

I found my niche in the beauty world, and I love what I do. My clients are beautiful, and I gain fulfillment when they see it for themselves. I am ready to take my knowledge, my experience, and my passion to the next level by expanding Madrone Beauty in a dedicated location. Doing so will allow me to continue my mission and make even more of an impact in my community.

I spent a long time working on my self-image and learning how to be comfortable in my own skin. My journey taught me a lot, and I understand firsthand how self-image can have a massive role in our lives. I truly believe that every client I meet is beautiful, and my passion is helping them see their own beauty, feel comfortable in their own skin, and ultimately achieve a healthy self-image.

I aim to make Madrone Beauty a known name in the community, synonymous with result-driven, quality services and focused on promoting healthy and beautiful skin. I offer skincare services catered to all skin types and will utilize my knowledge and education to find and apply the best quality products for your skin.

Get in touch with me today to discuss how together we can make your beauty shine through!


Jimmy's degree and background is in Graphic Design and Business Marketing. His artistry and creativity are assets to this team and to Madrone Beauty's digital and online presence.


He may joke around saying we only keep him to lift the heavy stuff but his gentle soul and immense care for people is what combines perfectly with Ni'Chel's Madrone Beauty. 


Jordan's vast experience in writing has lead her to be a leading Madrone team member! Her words have brought life on screen to match Ni'Chel's Vision of Madrone Beauty. 


Jordan's incredibly organized and creative mind and talents have made her the perfect partner and assistant to Ni'Chel in creating Madrone Beauty. 

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Behind the name

The Story

I have always loved trees! They are beautiful and majestic in their enormity, comforting in their stillness and strength, and soothing with the wind whispering through their leaves and branches. I have always found the seasonal changes of trees intriguing – how they can be in full bloom every spring and completely barren in the winter, only to come full circle again the following spring.  I find them very symbolic to life where all things come to an end, but there are always new beginnings to look forward to.

Out of all of the trees, the Madrone is my favorite. It usually has an interestingly curved trunk, and it possesses a determined spirit – turning and twisting as it follows the sun’s movement, switching direction to always remain closest to it. Its bark is constantly shedding and is sometimes referred to as the “three-bark tree.” Basically, it’s self-exfoliating, and as an esthetician, I loved this concept!

But my favorite thing about the Madrone tree has nothing to do with its patterns.

My dear great-grandmother, “Grandma Cookie,” was the oldest of 14 children. Can you imagine? Growing up, all the kids had a job to do each morning to get the family ready for the day. Cookie’s job was to do everyone’s hair, so naturally when she grew up, she chose cosmetology as her career path.

She worked from home, worked in salons here and there, and even opened her own school, training other young women to be hair stylists. Eventually, she decided to open her own salon in Oakland, California.

When I was little, I knew this whole story by heart as it often came up when she was attempting to tame my unruly mess of hair. But it wasn’t until I went to visit and tell her I was following in her footsteps, that I decided on “Madrone.” For a long time I had been brainstorming spa names, and “Madrone” was a leading front-runner in the list of names I had come up with. When I asked her what the name of her salon was all those years ago, she told me it was Madrone, and I couldn’t believe it.

I immediately had chills and even got a little emotional. I knew right then that it was meant to be, and so it was.

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