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Nail Polish Bottles


manicure pedicure

The classics

The Classic Mani  60$

The Classic Pedi  75$

Classic Mani Pedi  125$

French Tip polish, clear polish, or no polish

The Manly Mani  45$

The Manly Pedi  65$

Softens the skin, cleanses, and moisturize!


the classics with gel

Gel Polish Mani  70$

Gel Polish Mani with tips  75$

Gel Polish Pedi  85$

Gel Polish Mani Pedi  145$




Acrylic Mani  75$

Acrylic Mani - French Tip  65$

Gel Cured Acrylic Mani  70$

1 Week Fill  45$

2 Week Fill  55$

3 Week Fill  65$

Acrylic Mani includes one complimentary Art Nail per hand

Mani Pedi  160$ 

Comes with Gel Polish Pedi

Gel/Acrylic Removal  25

Nail Repair  10per nail


Free - Hand artwork

 10$ per set

Acrylic Mani includes one complimentary Art Nail  per hand

Flowers and Hand

Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment

No matter the weather outside, be it the cold northern winters or the dry and hot summers, our hands and feet pay dearly from the elements! This 60 minute treatment is designed to relax, hydrate, and soften our overworked and underappreciated skin.


To start, you will receive a foot massage, immediately following, we will wrap your feet in hot and soothing paraffin wax, which is then topped with a foot warmer. This is great for aches and pains of the muscles and the joints!

Next we will focus on your hands and arms with massage, essential oils, and creams to work into your skin and muscles. Your hands will then be wrapped in the paraffin wax, and topped with hand warmers. 

The Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatment can be added on to any facial or body service or booked by itself!



spa pedicure

Who doesn't love a good foot scrub?

We will cleanse and exfoliate your feet, ankles, calves, and shins before using our deeply hydrating massage cream for a relaxing massage! Followed up with Gel Polish of your choice


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